Rick “Rocks” Wilson
Lead Vocals

Rick is a UPS truck driver with the voice of Steve Perry. His singing endeavors never ventured beyond the confines of his shower until he amazed the crowd with his victory at a karaoke contest. His live radio spots speak for themselves. “Rick singing Journey” has thousands of hits on YouTube. The fact that he has no formal vocal training proves the raw talent that shines from Rick with every performance. Before Infinity, Rick performed with Bad Alice and Free Reign.

Jamie Colucci
Keyboards, rhythm guitar, saxophone, vocals

Jamie has played keyboards since “Don’t Stop Believin'” hit the radio in 1981. He brings his multiple abilities as an accomplished pianist, skilled rhythm guitarist, and player of many wind instruments. All of this along with his incredible vocal dynamic fills out the sound of Infinity. Jamie has performed with Phish tribute band “Divided Sky” in the 90’s and rock cover band “Oliver Twist” in the 2000’s, and currently with dance/party band “Mood Swing”.

Shawn Plourde
Lead guitar, vocals

A computer programmer/developer by day, Shawn has been playing guitar for over 25 years.

Affiliated with Unbroken, PG Unplugged, Monster, and many others.

Is an avid survivalist and loves the outdoors. And his family. And animals. And olives.

Shawn is also a sponsored guitarist of Moniker Guitars


David Impellizzeri
Bass, vocals

Dave is a multi-instrumentalist who puts his 11 years of classical music training to good use with Infinity. An engineer and graduate of Syracuse University, Dave’s vast musical experience includes everything from marching bands to stage shows. His bass work has spanned more than three decades working with several popular local acts including LA, The Wayback Machine, The United Booty Foundation, Buster Skidd, and Clavin’s Mother.

Mike York
Percussion, acoustic guitar, vocals

Mike has played drums for 25 years. He drives the power and thunder of Infinity with his uncanny ability as the human metronome. His resume includes bands such as F5, Kaelistis, and Spire. During his down time he enjoys long walks on the beach.

A Journey tribute and more! Covering the greatest hits from the 70’s & 80’s including Journey, Foreigner, Toto, Loverboy, Styx, Bon Jovi and many others!